A Change Is On The Way…Educational UP Rising in Sandtown-Winchester

Hello All. My name is Mark Carter, the Executive Director of New Song Community Learning Center. We are in the midst of some exciting changes – including our website. We have a community of exceptionally creative people (Executive Team, Teachers, Administrative and Program staff, etc.) — working diligently to bring new and different energy to a historic organization; educating some of the best and brightest children in Baltimore and supporting their families with a variety of services. One of our mantras is that all of our children are geniuses until proven otherwise.

We invite you to reinvigorate your long-standing commitment to our work. We invite you to enjoy the brilliance and creativity of our students. We invite you to learn more about the tenacity of our children to succeed and move forward. We invite you to figure out how you want to support the way in which they are geniuses. We also want you to deepen your understanding of the complex systemic issues in our country, city and community of Sandtwon-Winchester. We want you to understand the ways in which history, class, race, exclusion, inequity and social injustice demand that we educate differently. Your interest, challenges and questions will enable us to elevate educational excellence through our New Song Academy, which has been providing quality academic experience through its’ Pre-K to Eight Grade programming for nearly 25 years. Are you ready to join us?

One of these changes begins with our website which is under construction. Look forward to the new fully functional, 21st century website. It will provide you with different ways in which to communicate and learn about us; giving you opportunities to involve and support our work. We look forward to your feedback on the website.

We have a great Executive Team at NSCLC. Let me introduce them to you:

Lisa Brown, Principal — ldbrown02@bcps.k12.md.us
Adrienne Coverdale, Director of Finance and Admin – acoverdale@newsongclc.org
Renay Kelly, Director of Bldg Operations and Maintenance – rkelly@newsongclc.org
Scott Hopewell, Dean of Students – srhopewell@gmail.com
Breai Mason-Campbell, Director of Arts Integration and Curriculum – bmasoncampbell@newsongclc.org
Richard Holden, Board Chair – rholden@newsongclc.org

We are excited by the possibilities before us to unleash the dynamic potential, intelligence and humanity of our children.

In Love and Service,
Mark Carter, Executive Director